Shelf Life And Stability Testing

Customers shop for brands whose products they trust. The products should contain high-quality ingredients that match the label and are safe to consume. Like all consumable goods, cannabis and hemp quality can degrade over time due to conditions such as temperature, lighting, air and humidity. Through shelf life and stability testing, you can discover how environmental conditions may affect your product’s potency, contamination, color, odor and moisture.

Accelerated Options

3-Month Simulation 10-Day Timeline
6-Month Simulation 20-Day Timeline
12-Month Simulation 40-Day Timeline

At ACS Laboratory, we conduct real-time and accelerated shelf-life and stability testing at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months so you can accurately define the life of your product. This allows you to determine shelf life, which is the number of days the product remains stable based on recommended storage conditions. Armed with that knowledge, you can give customers the confidence they need to purchase and safely store your product.


Flowers/Plants, Derivative Products and Edibles


Stability Chamber



Why it matters?

When a hemp or cannabis product degrades over time, it can lose potency of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Under certain conditions like air oxidation, it can also unexpectedly increase in other cannabinoids. The same rule applies to terpene potency as well. That means your product may not function, smell or taste as expected when stored improperly or beyond its recommended shelf life.

Moreover, exposure to humidity can cause an increase in moisture that may lead to development of mold and mildew. Packaging is another factor that can degrade or contaminate your product over time, potentially putting your customer’s health at risk.
A scientist transferring CBD oil over to a vial for potency testing
At a state level in Florida, the Department of Health determined that medical cannabis edibles must include the expiration date on their labels. Regarding hemp and CBD, Florida also requires that extract labels include expiration dates.


Currently, there are no federal standards related to stability and shelf-life testing for cannabis because marijuana is still federally outlawed. Hemp, however, is now federally legal, and the FDA is currently investigating CBD safety in food, dietary supplements and cosmetics. In the interim, we adhere to the FDA’s previous stability testing standards for new drug substances and products.

“Expiration date” means the month and year as determined by the manufacturer, packer or distributor on the basis of tests or other information showing that the product, until that date, under the conditions of handling, storage, preparation, and use per label directions, will contain not less than the quantity of each ingredient as set forth on its label.

What we test?

We test cannabis and hemp
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What We Test For?





How We Test?

We conduct accelerated and real-time and stability tests using advanced stability chambers. During a real-time test, we analyze products at the recommended environmental conditions and monitor them for the full duration of the requested shelf-life test. During an accelerated test, we speed up the normal aging process by storing the product at elevated external conditions, such as higher temperatures, pH and humidity. Then we determine the rate of degradation, which we use to predict the recommended storage lengths.

Often regulators prefer real-time stability tests because they are more precise, but real-time tests are also more time-consuming. In order to expedite the process, customers often request both tests so that they can proceed to market while waiting for the real-time results.

Desired Shelf Life Tested

Time in Chamber

3 Months (Accelerated)
10 days
6 Months (Accelerated)
20 days
12 Months (Accelerated)
40 days
3 Months (Real-Time)
90 days
6 Months (Real-Time)
183 days
12 Months (Real-Time)
365 days

How to submit a sample for testing?

The process to submit a sample of your flower or product is easy. Plus, if you live in Florida, you can request our courier service from anywhere in the state. Simply request your test and we’ll review the submission process or arrange to collect a sample right away.


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