Recent Changes to Your ACS Laboratory COAs (Lab Testing Reports)

With the Florida cannabis industry still in its infancy, regulations set forth by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) will continue to evolve and change at a rapid pace. As a trusted compliance and testing facility, it is vital that we stay apprised of changes in regulations and amend our processes to remain compliant. It is in that interest that we are announcing some changes to the format of our Certificate of Analysis (COA) reports.

COA Changes Effecting All Florida MMTC Clients

The first change will be to the reporting of Total Contaminant Load (TCL). The Total Contaminant Load (TCL) as defined by the rule 64ER20-1(74) of the regulations will be included at a separate summary and panel level instead of within the sections of the impacted panels.  

The first page of the report will now display whether the Total Contaminant Load (TCL) passed or failed in the summary section. The TCL will be displayed on the last page and will include the result. The disclaimer will also include the definition per the regulations.

This change will impact all customers who test for heavy metals and pesticides and is expected to be implemented Friday 3/26/2021 between 5PM and 7PM (subject to change). The changes will be available for all reports completed after the implementation.

Previous Format On MMTC COAs

New Format On MMTC COAs

Changes to Hemp Clippings (THC Potency) COAs

Additionally, there is another change that has been made to the format of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) report for CBD Hemp Clippings to provide a confirmation of results to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The first page of the report will display a summary section that lists whether the Potency panel has been tested instead of showing passed or failed. In the Potency panel section, the Potency panel will also display as tested instead of passed or failed.

This change relates to all Hemp Clippings orders that require potency tests to be performed and all customers who test Hemp Clippings. It is also expected to be implemented on Monday, 4/26/2021.

Previous Format On Hemp Potency Test COAs

Improved Format On Hemp Potency Test COAs

Updates to All Hemp and CBD COAs, THC Delta-8 & Delta-10 Results

The final change that has been made to the format of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) report is that the Total Delta 8 and Total Delta 10 will be displayed separately in the Potency Summary section on page 1 of the report.

To clarify, the first page of the report will now display Delta8/Delta 10 in a separate column and will affect all customers who test Delta 8/Delta 10 Potency. Similarly to the first two changes, this one is expected to be implemented on Friday 3/26/3021 between 5PM and 7PM.

Previous Delta-8 & Delta-10 THC COA Reporting

Updated Reporting of THC Delta-8 & Delta-10 On COAs

Always Working to Stay Ahead for Our Clients

As the Florida medical marijuana industry continues to expand rapidly, MMTC’s and CBD/Hemp companies must expect significant regulatory changes to continue occurring. However, most of these regulatory changes, especially ones that require more elucidation on potentially harmful substances, end up being beneficial to both operators and customers. Taking that into consideration, it is crucial that operators in this space remain adaptable and capable of expeditious changes.

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