ACS News Articles

The ACS News category is a hub for the latest updates, showcasing ACS's advancements in testing, such as new product types, additional cannabinoid and terpene tests, and safety assessments. This section also highlights ACS's strategic partnerships; all focused on driving industry innovation, elevating product quality standards, and enriching consumer knowledge.

Staying informed about ACS Laboratory’s testing protocols and partnerships

Staying informed about ACS Laboratory's testing protocols and partnerships is crucial for brands involved in the cannabis, hemp, mushroom, and kratom industries. 

ACS Laboratory is at the forefront of developing advanced testing methodologies, ensuring that products meet the highest safety and quality standards. Regularly updating their testing protocols addresses emerging needs in cannabinoid, terpene, and alkaloid profiling and safety tests for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and more. 

Their partnerships are equally significant, as they collaborate with industry leaders to foster innovation and set new benchmarks in product testing. These alliances enhance ACS's testing capabilities and contribute to broader industry knowledge and consumer education.