Trailblazers: Nesa’s Hemp Takes Clean Soil to a Revolutionary Level

Meet Nesa.

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She takes a revolutionary approach to hemp production that sets a new market standard. Nesa believes the only way to responsibly grow hemp is through the ancient system our ancestors have used for the last two thousand years.

Her goal is to make sure no part of the cultivation process involves man-made substances. She prides herself on keeping the soil in her Oregon-based farm far cleaner than traditional organic farms, giving it the highest nutrient quality possible.

Nesa comes from a background in the healing arts, where she has worked with cancer patients. Her experience has made her believe that even things that seem impossible can become possible through the therapeutic power of nature. She brings this wisdom into every part of her hemp cultivation process.

Here we introduce Nesa and her unprecedented approach to hemp cultivation and processing.

Why is soil so crucial in hemp production?

Many people don't understand that your soil is the essential part of hemp production. It is where the nutrients come from to grow the seeds to allow the plant to express itself and become the best version of itself. If the soil isn't clean and nutrient balanced, the plants cannot express themselves or achieve their highest power.

Plants are living things that move and grow, and I believe they are meant to heal people.

How do you do things differently?

Most hemp farms worldwide have soil that is sick, which makes the seeds and plants sick because they grew in an unhealthy chemical-laden environment. I'm a believer that you must do things the right way if you want the right results. And that begins with natural soil -- the way I believe God and the universe gave it to us.

I check everything that could affect healthy growth, and I want nothing to be manmade. From the water source to the land. Because even if you have fantastic soil, it is not going to produce clean plants if it's near a polluted area.

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Can you tell us about your organic soil fertilization?

I use cow manure as one of the many natural elements to produce the healthiest, cleanest soil -- but I take it to the next level. I don't use average cow manure.

I care about the health of the cows and where they come from. I want only the healthiest microbes, and that means the cows need to be healthy.

Like people, our health is connected to what we eat, and an unhealthy lifestyle can cause digestion issues. If I want beneficial microbes from cow manure, the cow needs to be healthy.

My cows come from Japan, and I can trace them back 19 generations without one vaccine. They get the best food and highest quality water.

I invest a lot into my cows, and they are the healthiest cows in America. That's how I get one of the cleanest fertilizers amongst the organic compounds we use at Nesa’s Hemp.

Biology is important. You can't have healthy microbes living in unhealthy soil. Fertilizers and pesticides make it so the microbes can't function, and they can't produce what they are supposed to.

It's the same with cancers and tumors; you can't have healthy cells living in unhealthy conditions. I always tell people that plants are the same, just like us.

Some people in the industry are super motivated like me, who really want to make a difference in the world. And we are creating a movement one step at a time to share this mindset with other farmers. That's how I see the world and the way I believe we should do things.

What motivates you to make the cleanest possible hemp?

ACS Blog Image - Nesa's Hemp Plants

Before I developed my company, I spent a lot of time traveling the United States and the world. I've visited the largest and most well-known CBD brands out there, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

What they were doing at these facilities, what the waters looked like, what their soil looked like. They just worked to pass through the parts per million tests with the bare minimum.

I asked them to show me how they could make safe products when they’re using pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. I don’t believe they can, because even trace amounts are unacceptable.

I believe the parts per billion or parts per trillion pollutants affect us in the long term. For me, these small things matter.

A lot of the people who take CBD products are the ones who are already sick and consuming artificial, processed diets. My goal is to help these people by offering healing and effective products. I believe healthy hemp starts with healthy seeds and soil and ends with precise extraction.

The process costs me twice as much, sometimes even three times, but that's ok. I also care about who I hire to work on my farms. I want to make sure they have good energy – that they aren't an abuser of people or alcohol. I don't allow anyone on my field who has bad energy.

I want to know their history because I want those vibes to be passed to my plants to nurture them to the highest levels. I also work with biochemists and farmers who inspire me and support my mission. I surround myself with moral people so my plants can grow to express themselves fully and to wander as they are meant to.

What do you mean when you say the plant is meant to "wander?"

I know it sounds crazy, but I believe the plant is meant to grow in an expressive way that it can almost walk or wander. That is why hemp is so special. I believe when a plant is healthy, it can walk, but a sick plant cannot.

It's almost biblical in a way. Like when a person dies, they can continue their life through spirit. And when you cut a plant, it has no more water and no food source, so it dies.

I like to think that if plants are well taken care of, they can continue life after they are harvested as people do, and that life can transform into healing properties. And that's why soil is so important.

Can you talk more about how plants express themselves?

Plants are a lot like people. For example, if you have a child who lives in a house with parents fighting and eats unhealthy food, they may become unhappy. In a bad environment, a child won't smile or trust people, and it causes them to react to the world a certain way, and they can't express who they truly are.

Plants are the same. The soil is like a plant's home. When they have a good home environment, they can express themselves the way they are meant to–as nature’s healers.

But when they come from a home ripe with pesticides and heavy metals, they won’t possess vital therapeutic properties. I work with many different types of plants, but hemp has a very high power given the right microbial soil and precise extraction method. You have to have a healthy seed, healthy soil, and a healthy environment for extraction.

Why do you focus on CBDA?

ACS Blog Image - Nesa's Hemp Extract Bottle

You will find every single molecular structure from the hemp pant in my bottles. I believe the creator of the plant knows better than me and better than any laboratory or human. So I give power to the creator by not destroying the molecular structure.

Hemp does not have CBD; it has CBDA. CBD is just a third version of CBDA that you get through a heating extraction process or through plant degradation and death. CBDA is the plant's original version. It's the mother of CBD, and that's what I represent.

How do you preserve the CBDA?

I preserve the CBDA by using cold extraction. It's a process where we put significant pressure on the plant to extract everything it has. We use seeds as a lubricant to help the extraction process because it requires 12 tons of pressure and comes out one drop at a time.

Therefore, I produce much smaller volumes with precision compared to other producers. With other extraction processes, you can throw in a bunch of plant material and mass produce products using harsh solvents. For us, it is different. We can still produce a lot, but it takes time.

Can you talk about your testing process?

Absolutely. We test the soil, water, seeds, and all our organic fertilizers. From pre-harvest to post-harvest, and the extraction, of course. We test everything, even the cows.

I'm always looking for ways I can do more. Anything that I can do better. Anything I see wrong, or anything I can change with the microbes.

I know it sounds crazy, but hemp can be the most healing plant on earth. If I want to show others how that is possible, I need to prove it by working with the cleanest materials and empowering farmers to ethically harvest hemp.

I've been to organic farms that make questionable decisions in the cultivation process. Farms that only do the bare minimum to pass the organic requirements. And they think it is normal.

I don't understand why they would want to allow that and give it to people. So I'm creating an entirely new movement called "beyond organic" where I encourage and educate farmers to grow hemp the right way and extract the plant’s healing compounds with precision.

That's what I want to put in people's minds. That there is such thing as beyond organic. And that it can make a difference.

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