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New Cannabinoid Spotlight: Delta-6a10a THC AKA Delta-3

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Almost everyone knows about the two most popular cannabinoids, CBD and THC. Mainstream attention has even caught up with the newer hemp-based cannabinoids, like Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC. But there's a new hemp-derived cannabinoid flying under the radar and ready for its debut–Delta 6a10a THC.

Delta 6a10a (also known as Delta-3 THC) might be a mouthful, but this niche compound deserves more attention. Users report that it has similar effects to Delta 10 THC and could become "the next big trend" in the cannabis market. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you're in the right place.

Here we review Delta 6a10a THC, its potential effects, and what it means for the cannabis industry.

What is Delta6a10a THC?

Delta 6a10a goes by a few different names. You might know it by D6a10a or Delta 3 THC, but all names point to the same cannabinoid.

Delta 6a10a THC is an isomer of Delta-9 THC. That means that Delta 6a10a THC has the same molecular formula as THC, but the atoms are arranged differently. This also means that Delta 6a10a produces slightly distinct effects.

How is Delta6a10a Made? Does It Exist Naturally in Cannabis?

Delta 6a10a is a naturally occurring minor cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana cultivars (strains). However, it only exists in trace amounts. So, rather than waste a massive amount of plant resources distilling Delta 6a10a naturally, most manufacturers produce Delta 6a10a from more plentiful cannabinoids, like CBD.

The process is similar to how manufacturers create other isomers, like Delta 8 and 10 THC. This makes Delta 6a10a THC a "semi-synthetic" cannabinoid.

Researchers originally developed Delta 6a10a THC in the 1940s while trying to synthesize Delta 8 and 9 THC. However, it was only until recently that people regained interest

Does Delta 6a10a THC Make You High?

Delta 6a10a THC has psychoactive properties, which can induce a "high" feeling. However, Delta 6a10a (or Delta-3) is milder than Delta 9, making the cognitive changes gentler too. As a result, the effects are more akin to "buzz" than a full heightened experience.

Some people report that Delta 6a10a THC feels uplifting and energizing, similar to Delta-10 reviews. Many users also report a heightened sense of mental clarity and focus without paranoia and anxiety. This means Delta 6a10a may be better suited for daytime use and a viable Delta-10 alternative if states start banning the latter compound.

What are the Other Effects of Delta 6a10a THC?

Currently, there isn't much research about Delta 6a10a THC. Most reports about its effects are anecdotal. The handful of existing studies[1]  are limited and dated–but they're an excellent place to start.

In the 1950s, researchers tested a fully synthetic version of Delta 6a10a THC on seizures. They found that the cannabinoid exhibited anticonvulsant properties, like CBD and THC.

Additionally, since Delta 6a10a (or Delta-3) THC is chemically similar to Delta 9 THC, Delta 6a10a THC could have similar effects, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory response
  • Anti-intoxicating properties
  • Anti-nausea properties
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Pain relief

However, researchers need to conduct more studies to make this determination. Until science catches up, it's unclear if Delta 6a10a THC has distinct benefits or side effects.

Is Delta6a10a THC Safe?

This is a tricky question. Delta 6a10a THC is still an unexplored cannabinoid, so there aren't any studies proving or disproving its safety. For now, the primary safety concern comes from leftover manufacturing materials, like residual solvents and acids.

Like other popular hemp extracts, if you want to verify that Delta-6a10a THC is as clean as possible, you need a reputable lab to test it. ACS can test for 11 major solvents, along with heavy metals and white metals as well as acetic anhydride (THCOA only)  that could remain in these products, creating massive health risks. Additionally, we publish Certificates of Analysis (in English and Spanish), so brands can publish the results and ensure their consumers feel safe.

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Is Delta 6a10a THC Legal?

Technically, yes. Substances derived from hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in the United States. At the same time, Delta6a10a THC's semi-synthetic status complicates the landscape.

According to the DEA, "All synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinols remain Schedule I controlled substances." The problem is that the DEA hasn't clearly defined what constitutes a "synthetically derived" cannabinoid.

This makes semi-synthetic substances like Delta6a10a THC federally legal–at least for now.US government and individual states might pass legislation against Delta 6a10a THC in the future, as they have with Delta 8 THC. But for today, Delta 6a10a THC is permissible in all 50 states.

Can You Find Delta 6a10a THC in Retail Products?

There aren't many brands producing Delta 6a10a THC products. However, 3Chi does offer this extract, backed by ACS's verified safety testing.

However, since this compound is so new, some lab tests incorrectly label Delta 6a10a THC as Delta 10 THC (and vice versa).  The inconsistent analysis is a major industry challenge that fuels customer frustration and mistrust.

If you want assurance about exactly which cannabinoid you have in your products, reliable lab testing is necessary. ACS uses the most up-to-date reference standards, ensuring that Delta 6a10a THC tests accurately discern between all hemp-derived THC isomers.

Where Can I Buy Delta 6a10a THC?

Since Delta 6a10a isn't on a restricted substance list, you can buy products online from reputable vendors. If you decide to try Delta 6a10a, ensure that the product contains a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify its safety.

Will Delta 6a10a THC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Since Delta 6a10a THC is structurally similar to Delta 9 THC, it will likely show up on a urinalysis. When in doubt, play it safe.

Delta 6a10a THC: Conclusion

Delta 6a10a THC is an exciting cannabinoid that deserves further study and research. Its mild and energizing effects make it appealing to daytime users and a potential alternative to Delta 10 THC. Time will tell whether Delta 6a10a THC will reach the popularity of other THC isomers in the cannabis market, but we're excited about the potential of this latest hemp innovation.

If you need reliable testing for Delta 6a10a THC or other hemp extracts, our ACS team can analyze samples for safety and potency. Our tests are some of the most advanced and reliable on the market, ensuring that your end-users receive a clean, accurately labeled product.

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