Visit the New and Improved ACS Laboratory Website

Visit the New and Improved ACS Laboratory Website

We’re constantly looking to improve our site’s user experience so visitors can easily navigate the most trusted resource for cannabis testing and education. Our website is more than a brand billboard; it is a platform for all clients and customers to explore our unique perspectives and services as the nation's top certified third-party testing laboratory. Given these lofty goals, our website must provide unmatched educational content and a seamless user experience. 

Last week, we relaunched with fresh fonts and colors, intuitive navigation, a redesigned blog, a new mushroom testing program, and much more. Keep reading to explore our website’s latest functions, features, and content. 

Intuitive Navigation for Hemp, Cannabis & Mushroom Verticals

We started as a medical marijuana and CBD testing company for Florida brands exclusively. Today, we’re a global provider testing biomass, extracts, and hemp-derived finished goods in  50 states plus Puerto Rico, as well as 16 countries. With an expanded footprint, we redesigned our website to speak directly to our diverse clients’ unique industries and locations.

Our Services navigation now makes it simpler for clients to find what they need by offering individual pages for Hemp Testing, Cannabis Testing, and Mushroom Testing. For clients who prefer to explore services based on testing types, we also feature Potency and Terpene Profiling shortcuts and an all-encompassing Lab Testing Services page that distinguishes between plants and finished goods. 

Redesigned Blog with Easy-to-Find Content 

Since 2019, we’ve built an arsenal of unmatched blog content featuring top-ranked articles and exclusive interviews with industry regulators, activists, manufacturers, and growers. We take blogging more seriously than any other lab, so we wanted our site to prominently showcase our extensive repository. 

We redesigned our Blog with the reader in mind. ACS Laboratory clients, consumers, and industry experts can now easily navigate their desired articles by clicking the category tags at the top of the page. Topic tags include ACS News, Cannabinoids, Compliance, Cultivation, Extractions, R&D, Terpenes, and more; alternatively, ACS’s readers can easily view the Most Recent Posts or skip to Must Read Posts they might have missed. 

Mushroom Testing Program Launch

We’re always evolving our services in the exciting plant medicine industry to meet our clients’ present and future needs. With the rapid rise in magic mushroom research, consumption, and decriminalization, we’re ready to provide DEA-licensed producers with the most accurate and quantitative psychedelic mushroom tesing analyses. We’re also equipped to support functional mushroom brands. 

Need a Test or Have a Question

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Unveiled in our redesigned website, ACS’s new Mushroom Testing Program determines functional and psychedelic mushroom potency and purity to help brands provide the best and most reliable products possible. We test mushrooms for seven tryptamines, harmine, and harmane, and all of the Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Microbiology, Residual Solvents, and Mycotoxins included in our hemp and cannabis safety panels. 

Enhanced Compliance & Education Resources 

Our clients rely on accurate compliance and industry-focused content to operate legally and thrive in this competitive market. As such, we revamped our Compliance pages for Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) and National Hemp Providers selling finished goods nationwide. We also compiled a vast resource library for hemp and cannabis producers looking to ensure ACS’s accreditations and testing standards meet their states’ requirements.

Our revamped education content also includes enhanced FAQs featuring quick answers to our top regulatory and testing questions and a free Cannabinoid Guide. This extensive report helps clients and consumers alike learn everything they need to know about cannabis’s most important active compounds, including the top trending minor cannabinoids (like Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, THCO, and THCP.) 

Finally, we created a simple Certificate Analysis guide explaining how to read each section of this critical document. Brands can use our COA guide to better understand how to market their products, and customers can use the information better to select the right products for their unique needs. 

New Chat Feature for Instant Access

We’ve always been a quick phone call or email away. Still, we recognize our clients and prospects may need instant human access. Our latest chat feature connects site visitors directly to ACS’s sales team during business hours to answer any questions as they arise. 

We’re excited you’re here!

We’re thrilled to present our beautifully redesigned and enhanced website to highlight our expanded services and content offerings. These features allow us to support our hemp, cannabis, functional mushroom, and psychedelic clients with everything they need to produce high-quality products and rise above the competition.

Contact our team today for more details on our latest testing services and site features.